The Humble Little Red Wagon

The Humble Little Red Wagon

The Humble Little Red Wagon

Did you have a little red wagon when you were growing up? If it was simple and made of metal, you may be dating yourself.

A simple, humble red wagon was the SUV of its time for any six-year-old. You could get pulled in it, and you could pull someone in it. You could haul a load of toys or a load of dirt. Sit in front and fold the handle towards you, and provided you could get someone to push you from behind, you had a race car or a Batmobile If you didn’t fall out of it and scrape an arm or a leg while turning too suddenly, then you just weren’t going fast enough. Plus, that little red wagon was fun for the whole family. You could share it with a sibling or a bag of groceries. Mom could use it for gardening. It was a marvelous, simple, durable, sharable toy, tool and vehicle.

About the biggest option it had were some wooden sides that could be installed that could improve its carrying capacity. Alright, it may not have been the safest designs, but it was certainly no set of lawn darts either.

That humble, little red wagon has given way to something else. Something nearly unrecognizable. It has given way to a giant plastic monstrosity with a handle that doesn’t even fold back, so you can drive it like Mario Andretti or even Mario and Luigi.

No, instead these giant plastic beasts have mostly hollow bodies with hollow plastic tires. They can come with a sunshade, dual folding “stow and go” plastic seats, seat belts and cup holders. Cup holders?

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