Life Insurance: Why Waiting Limits Your Options

Life Insurance: Why Waiting Limits Your Options

Life Insurance: Why Waiting Limits Your Options

Let’s face it. It can be easy to put off buying life insurance. There seems to always be a number of other priorities to address. If you like having options, however, there is no time like today to get started building your life-insurance program.

Why? Because waiting limits your options when it comes to life insurance. Here’s how.

Life Insurance Generally Gets More Expensive as You Age

One of the most significant aspects when it comes to pricing life insurance is the age of the applicant. The younger you are, the less it will cost you on a per-thousand basis. Waiting on the other hand, will likely make it more expensive and ultimately limit how much you can afford. Buy life insurance when young to maximize how much you can buy.

You May Become Ineligible

Waiting to purchase life insurance may make you ineligible to purchase it in the quantity you would like, or even at all. Your health or physical condition could deteriorate. You could sustain injuries in an accident or become ill. You can’t assume you will always be eligible to purchase insurance in the amount you may desire.

Waiting Limits the Time for Permanent Life Insurance to Build Value

Permanent or whole life insurance can build value for future use. It can be borrowed against to help buy a first car, pay for college expenses or to even use in an emergency or opportunity. Waiting to purchase life insurance can significantly shorten the time period your policy will have to build value. It is why many parents or grandparents will purchase life insurance on children and grandchildren.

If life insurance has yet to become a part of your long-term financial plan, waiting will only serve to limit your options. That’s why we invite you to contact one of our independent life insurance agents. We can discuss your present life situation, your obligations and your goals. We’ll create a plan to help you achieve those goals affordably. Our agents have the ability to get quotes from multiple companies, again, giving you more options. Don’t wait. Take advantage of as many options as possible by securing your life insurance program today. We are here to help.

Be Confidently Insured.


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