The Earth is Blue, So We Turn Green

The Earth is Blue, So We Turn Green

Mother Nature is feeling down because of the imbalance in the atmosphere, and in response California is trying to make greener moves towards a cleaner lifestyle.

Think of all the living beings on earth, cooperating with each other to form a well-balanced healthy environment. Things you wouldn’t even think about are alive, like grass, for example. If Earth is a living organism that also supports life, I’d imagine she’d be slightly disheartened with all the endangered species and climate changes that alter the normal functions of the planet.

California makes a major move towards greener living with a requirement for every house to include solar panels. Starting in 2020, the state wants to require solar panels on every new home and low-rise apartment buildings built. This change is in line with California’s plan to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the health of our planet.

The cost of homes would increase nearly $10,000; however, the panels could save families nearly double that money in savings on energy over a 30-year period, estimated by the Energy Commission.

California continually pushes for the use of clean energy. Based on the Solar Energy Industries Association, California has more homes using solar power than any other state, exceeding 5,000,000 homes. The state encourages the use of electric vehicles to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

There are many who are unsure about the potential requirement because the homes in California are already very expensive.  Which is truly more detrimental—a couple thousand dollars extra out of pocket or the loss of a healthy atmosphere on Earth? Or will the use of solar panels be a big enough impact on the environment to make a significant difference?

Is the price for solar panels too expensive to be a reasonable requirement? Or does the amount of savings that will result from solar panels exceed the more expensive price of the home?

Other states will be on the lookout for the result of required solar panels. If a positive result follows, more states may also jump on the bandwagon, which will create a healthier environment on our planet.

 By: KayLynn

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