Buying Life Insurance on Your Terms

Buying Life Insurance on Your Terms

Buying Life Insurance on Your Terms

Virtually every state in the country requires drivers to purchase car insurance, even to the point of meeting state minimum coverage levels. If you have purchased a home or condo, your mortgage company likely mandates you carry home insurance to protect their interests. Even some business owners who have financed their companies may be required to carry business insurance from debt holders.

With life insurance however, you are in control. Rather than some state agency deciding on how much life insurance you should have, you choose. Rather than a mortgage company or bank dictating your coverage, you are in control. You can even decide whether term insurance or permanent insurance is a better choice.

So what will you decide?

Ready Cash

Will you decide to provide your loved one with relatively quick access to ready cash upon your death? How much? Life insurance can do that. No hassles, no probate. Life insurance proceeds are paid quickly directly to your beneficiary. This can be in a time when access to cash may be restricted.

Funeral Expenses

We hear time and again how life insurance has taken some of the stress off of the decision-making process when choosing funeral arrangements. In a time when even a simple cremation can reach into the thousands of dollars, this can be a real gift.

Debts and Taxes

It’s true. They don’t go away. Even if your estate is held accountable, life insurance can replace those expenses, leaving your loved ones with more.

Mortgage and Living Expenses

Life goes on for those left behind. You can decide to make it less of a struggle for them. Paying off the mortgage and replacing several years of your income will be something they will forever be grateful for.

College Expenses

If your children will be relying on you to help pay for their college education, you can help fulfill that goal with life insurance.

The best part perhaps, is you get to decide.

Our team of independent life insurance professionals can help. Whether it is cost saving term insurance or equity building permanent, we can help you get started on a plan that reaches your goals. On your terms.

The choice is yours. It may be more affordable than what you believe. Contact us for a no obligation life insurance quote today.

Be Confidently Insured.


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