The Five Most Common Home Insurance Liability Claims

The Five Most Common Home Insurance Liability Claims

The Five Most Common Home Insurance Liability Claims

Often when insurance agents talk about homeowners insurance, the clients eyes will begin to glaze over as if in a trance. When specific features like liability insurance are delved into, those glazed eyes may be accompanied by audible snoring. Let’s face it, talk of homeowners insurance and liability coverage probably won’t get you that second date. That doesn’t mean it is not important, however. Especially when you consider how important homeowners insurance is on a practical level.

Everyday, the liability coverage of someone’s homeowner’s insurance saves their bacon. Here are five of the most common liability claims homeowners face.

Injuries to Domestic Workers

You may not have a maid or butler but you may pay to have your lawn mowed or dog walked. If the people who work for you, even on a contract basis, are injured in their duties or while on your property you could be upriver without a paddle. That is unless you have sufficient liability coverage.

If an Intoxicated Guest Harms Someone or Causes Damage

Are you aware you could be on the hook if a guest who get intoxicated at a party at your home leaves and harms himself or others? That’s kind of a frightening thought, isn’t it? Liability insurance can cover you from the financial damage resulting from any such claims.

Dog Bites

Dog bites are one of the most frequent causes of liability claims against a homeowner. Sure, Pixie may never have bitten anyone before, but it may still not matter. If she is known as a biter it could make matters worse. Your homeowners’ liability insurance is there to help.


Are you aware that if someone falls and injures him or herself while on your property, even if uninvited, you can be held responsibile. When you include people you do invite like the pizza, food or package delivery guy, you may be facing risks almost daily. Check your homeowners’ insurance to make sure you have sufficient liability coverage.

Falling Trees

Falling trees, especially if you are aware they may be decaying or otherwise a problem, can be a significant liability issue. Should a storm cause them to fall on a neighbors car or home, you could be held responsible.

For some reason, people seem to be more interested in their homeowners liability coverage following a claim. Unfortunately it may then be too late to make any adjustments. That’s why now is the time to contact our independent insurance agents for a homeowners insurance review.

Be Confidently Insured.


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