Why Changing Jobs May Change Your Car Insurance Rates

Why Changing Jobs May Change Your Car Insurance Rates

Why Changing Jobs May Change Your Car Insurance Rates

Changing jobs, especially for a better opportunity, can be exciting. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and perhaps even increase your income. Changing jobs can impact a variety of areas of your life, including your driving habits and automobile use. This is why when you are changing jobs, you may want to contact your auto insurance agent to see if it may impact your car insurance rates.

Why would changing jobs impact your insurance premiums? Here are just some examples.

  • Your commute distance changes dramatically. A part of your car insurance premium is based on the amount of miles you drive annually. If your commute is significantly shorter or longer, it could impact your car insurance premiums.
  • You begin to work from home. Obviously if you are working from home you are probably driving your car less. This can help save you on your auto insurance especially if you previously had a significant commute.
  • You switch to public transportation. Changing jobs may create an opportunity for you to take advantage of public transportation. Again, this would mean less frequent use of your car translating to fewer miles.
  • You switch to a job that utilizes your car. Many people are moving to contact labor jobs that involve the use of their private vehicles. This can range from ride-sharing to food delivery services. While many of these services provide a layer of coverage for their drivers, check with your auto insurance agent to make sure you have appropriate coverage. This can prevent a costly problem should an accident occur. The same would apply should you accept a position like outside sales where you may use your own car in the process.

Changing jobs may also precipitate a new car purchase or encourage you to increase or add coverage to your present automobile insurance policy. We invite you to contact our independent insurance agents should you consider making a change. Our independent agents are not tied to just one company. They actually have access to multiple insurance companies. They can shop around for you, comparing rates and coverages. You, of course, have the final decision but many of our clients have discovered we can not only improve their coverage, but in many cases, save them money.

If you have, or will be, changing jobs in the near future, contact us regarding your auto insurance. We would be glad to assist you.

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