How Do You File a Life Insurance Claim?

How Do You File a Life Insurance Claim?

How Do You File a Life Insurance Claim?

Filing a life insurance claim isn’t necessarily difficult, if you have what you need and are prepared. Life insurance claims often involve large amounts of money, so insurance companies want to be sure the policy was in force, the insured is deceased, and the beneficiary is accurate and has their identity verified. While insurance companies may have slightly differing process and procedures, they generally follow a similar path.

Obtain the Insurance Policy and Contact the Insurance Company or Agent

If you have the insurance policy, your first step is to contact the insurance company or an agent. The company’s name is usually prominent on the policy and the business card of the selling agent may be stapled or included with the policy. If the agent is no longer with the company, any representative should be able to assist you. Ask them about their specific procedures for filing a claim.

Acquire a Copy of the Death Certificate

Filing a claim will likely require a certified copy of the insured’s death certificate. This can usually be secured from the funeral director. If you happen to be the executor for the deceased’s estate, you should request multiple copies that you will likely need later.

Fill Out the Insurance Company Forms

The insurance company may send you claim forms in the mail, the agent may provide them, or they may be available online. Follow the directions for filling out the form completely and accurately. The completed forms and a certified copy of the death certificate will need to be sent to the insurance company through the agent or via mail.

Specify How You Want to Be Paid

Insurance companies may offer multiple options for you to receive your funds. Once you decide how you want the proceeds to be paid, it is just a matter of time.

Depending on the state, insurance companies usually have up to 30 days to pay a claim, request further information, or deny a claim.

One of the values in working with our independent insurance agents is they are available to assist you when needed, even during the claims process.

If you have questions about life insurance or think you could benefit from a life insurance review and quote, please contact us. We would be pleased to assist you.

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