Whatever Happened to Backyard Diving Boards?

Whatever Happened to Backyard Diving Boards?

Whatever Happened to Backyard Diving Boards?

View some old photo albums or 8mm home movies from the fifties and sixties and you may catch a glimpse of a rarely seen sight today. The backyard diving board. Pools back then often had a diving board, generally placed at the deep end of the pool. Over the course of time, however, these diving boards have disappeared. Why? Here’s what happened to diving boards.

  1. They Dramatically Increased the Chance for Injury.

A well executed dive may be a thing of beauty, but when one goes bad, it can be very bad. Poor dives off a diving board can create head, neck and back injuries. Most people using diving boards are self taught and have little experience in using them properly. In fact, most dives, especially those from young people, start with a shouted “Hey, watch this!”

  1. They Dramatically Increase the Cost of Homeowners’ Insurance

Pools already are considered an “attractive nuisance” by insurance companies. Diving board take the danger of that nuisance to a higher level. Premiums can skyrocket for homes with pools with diving boards, so much so that many homeowners simply removed them. Some companies will not even considering a property with a pool with a diving board.

  1. They Use Up Too Much of a Pool’s Play Area

Most homeowners find more enjoyment in swimming, playing volleyball or just relaxing in a pool. With a diving board, a full 33% of the pool is usually reserved for a deep end to facilitate dives. Most homeowners would prefer to use the full pool more often.

  1. Slides Have Become a Suitable Replacement

Many families have found slides are a more than adequate replacement for diving boards. While slides too, can add to the cost of a homeowners’ insurance policy, they are generally considered far safer than a diving board.

Even if you wanted a diving board today, you would find that they are far stiffer and less flexible than in the past. This too, is a measure that has made them less dangerous. It seems a bouncy, springing dive that takes one high into the air can have its consequences.

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